One Visit Endodontics (Root Canals)

One Visit Endodontics (Root Canals)

Thanks to all the positive changes made in modern dentistry, a root canal may actually be good news! It means we can save the tooth instead of extracting it, and the procedure will be virtually pain free.

Teeth are very complex structures. The outer layer is the strongest material in the human body. However within the protective shell of the enamel lies a very complex network of canals housing nerves and blood vessels known as the dental pulp. The pulp is a very delicate structure that if damaged may become infected and die. Decay, fractures and trauma are common causes of pulpal disease and death. If left untreated these conditions may lead to a bacterial infection of the pulpal tissue necessitating root canal therapy.

Root Canal Therapy cleans and shapes the root canal system, getting rid of the diseased tissue. A small hole is made through the tooth and exposes pulp. A series of small files are then used to clean out the complex structure contained within the tooth and roots. Once cleaned, the root canal system is then obturated with a thermoplastic filling material, sealing it from additional bacteria and re-infection. Conventional files clean canals using a "watch winding" action, but current technologies using a rotary file system are available to expedite this procedure.

With the use of the newer rotary file system and a hand piece, the files actually spin inside the canal to clean out the infected tooth tissue. These rotary files provide two distinct advantages. First, they are 60% faster. Second, they can twist and bend in ways that conventional files can't. This means root canals can be finished in a single visit more efficiently and comfortably.

Improvements in dentistry are being made every day. Lancaster Dental Associates, PC uses these to provide more effective dentistry to our patients, leading to maximum care with minimal lifestyle disruption.