Comfortable Payment Options

Lancaster Dental Associates, PC wants you to have the best dental services available, but we understand that payment can sometimes be a concern. Our payment policies are listed below but please talk to your doctor regarding your specific needs, as there might be some way we can help. Depending on your specific situation, we might be able to work out a plan just for you.


Your dental insurance program provides you with an excellent benefit for maintaining a superlative level of oral health. An insurance claim will be sent to your insurance company after each visit. You will be asked to assign payment of benefits to the doctor and to pay your co-pay at the time of your visit. When your insurance payment is received at our office, any remaining balance will be billed to you on the first of the following month with payment due in 30 days. We file insurance claims as a service to our dental patients. There are several facts that we ask you to keep in mind with regard to your dental insurance:

  • Your dental insurance program is a contract between you, your employer, and the insurance company. We are not a party to the contract.
  • Not all dental services are a covered benefit in all contracts.
  • As the patient, you are ultimately responsible for the total cost of your dental care.
Should major services be needed, extended payment options are available. We will send a Pre-Treatment Estimate to your insurance company requesting an estimate of coverage for services. When we receive their reply, we'll send you a letter with:
  • The proposed dental service and fee.
  • Estimated coverage by the insurance carrier.
  • Estimated balance due.
The estimated balance due is expected at the time services are complete. If the Pre-Treatment Estimate is not back before the services are complete, we will estimate the amount to be placed on your account based on the usual customary policies of the average insurance company.


We ask that patients without dental insurance keep their accounts current and up to date by paying for services as they are rendered. By reducing the tremendous costs of billing and bookkeeping each month, we strive to offset many of our other increased costs. We have several payment options available: cash, personal check, Discover, VISA, Master Card and CareCredit. When dental work is paid in full at time of service, five percent (5%) will be deducted from the bill for payments that are made by cash or check only. There is no adjustment for credit card payments.

We understand that paying for dental services can sometimes present a financial challenge to our patients. In order to provide the necessary care recommended an extended payment option is available when needed. After we present the treatment plan to you and the cost of the dental care has been established, two options are available to patients without dental insurance:

  1. Payment is due in full when our services are complete. Incremental payment may be made during the course of treatment with the final payment being made upon completion.
  2. 50% of the cost of the dental care is due when the services are complete with the remaining balance paid at monthly intervals over a maximum of 3 months. There are no additional charges added for this service as long as each monthly payment is made on time an in full.


Our bills are sent out monthly and are printed on the last day of the month. The balance due is payable within 26 days. Any account that goes unpaid for more than 26 days is subject to a monthly billing charge of $5.00.


If you are unable to maintain a scheduled appointment please notify us as soon as possible. If a patient misses two or more appointments without prior notification, a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be imposed after the second missed appointment.